Namaste! I am Miss Nepal World 2019 Anushka Shrestha. This year, I am humbled to be Nepal’s representative to the international arena of Miss World and I am working with the people of Solsing for the Beauty With a Purpose Project. I am organising a fundraiser in association with 7 summits foundation to ask for your support, blessings and contribution to support this project.

The project site – Solsing village – is situated approximately 70 km away from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The 140-household village of Solsing, which was once infamous for organ trafficking and human trafficking, is now plagued with poverty. Their economic problems were worsened as Solsing was severely affected by the earthquake in 2015. The community, with its average income of less than 1 USD per day, has not experienced enough changes throughout Nepal’s drastic socio-political transformation. It appears to have accepted economic deprivation and social marginalization and as a result has adopted a culture of silence.

My project aims to work towards creating a visible and sustainable improvement in the standard of living of the Solsing village. Aiming on uplifting the mother and the child of all 140 households in this village, this project aims to create two strong changemakers in each family.
by mainly focusing on Education for the child and Economic upliftment through livelihood generation for the mothers. The focus of this project will also be to ensure not only isolated improvement of these two sectors but linking these developmental pillars. Enabling mothers to become income generators and able and willing to invest in their children’s’ education.

Here’s how. To support our efforts in education, we will be sponsoring teachers and students. The school has only 2 teachers to teach all 120 kids from class 1 to 7!

The school is an elementary school, with students having to walk 3 hrs one way to attend class 8 and above! Of course kids don’t do so and drop out. To combat this, we are providing accommodation scholarship so that the students can live near the high school and do not drop out.
To support enabling the mothers to become active income generators, we will be taking carpet weaving, stone cutting and brick making initiatives to begin with. These avenues were selected based on an initial survey of the community taken 2 months ago. We will fund the initial training and setup. To ensure accountability and sustainability, once the women have been trained, groups will be formed and funds will be disbursed via a loan model through the local cooperative. This way, the women will be incentivized to work and work well for themselves, earning an ongoing income, repaying a small portion of each finished product to the cooperative, so that in a few years they can own the equipment and become independent producers.

7 Summit, a 501 c 3 registered NGO, has been kind enough to collect funds for this project from the US, details and link below.

Your contribution will be significant on making the project and Nepal’s representation at the international arena a success!

Event Details
Seattle, July 26-27th 2019, 4PM-10PM, Hyatt House Hotel Redmond Washington
Colorado, August 3rd 2019
San Francisco, July 29th 2019
Washington DC, August 4th 2019