While the mountainous landscape of the Himalayan nation of Nepal provides immaculate natural beauty, it imposes challenges for infrastructural development. This geographical challenge and the unfortunately under-performing nature of the relevant government departments in Nepal have led to a lack of Health Infrastructure in rural Nepal.

7SF is committed to supporting and encouraging the government bodies to fulfill their duty of setting up health infrastructure in rural Nepal. Still, we realize that immediate support is critical and play a significant part in serving the community at present. Due to the lack of access, accidents or delivery complications can result in an easily preventable loss of life.

Aligned with the above-mentioned idea of providing access to and support for health infrastructure, the project for procuring and availing 3 fully-equipped ambulances in the villages of Tapting, Kerung, and Ghorakani is being presented.

Update: 4/21/2021
During our 10th Annual General Assembly in Kathmandu, Nepal, we presented NRS 1200,000.00 (Twelve Lakh Nepalese Rupees) to the Womgchu Memorial Hospital in Tapting, Solukhumbu, to purchase one ambulance, bringing us one step closer to our target goal of 3 ambulances.

Date: 03/01/2021 – Present
Location: Tapting, Kerung, and Ghorakani
Beneficiary: ~7,871 residents in remote villages