School Rebuilding campaign by 7SF.

7 summits foundation (7SF) is registered under US IRS Non Profit 501c3 Charitable Organization. 7SF is activelyinvolve in education and Health sector. We volunteer under developed countries like Nepal to improve the education of student studying in remote areas. Since its establishment we are running different educational and health camp projects in remote villages in himalayan region of Nepal.

With massive earthquake of April 25th , May 12th and landslide on May 22nd 2015, 8 thousand school of Nepal is being affected and completely destroyed. Massive earthquake took a life of many students and teachers. After the 2nd earthquake 7.3 mgt on May 12th AC Sherpa immediately visit his home country of Nepal to help those earthquake victims with necessary relief material like tents, triples, blankets, foods and medicines.

7 Summits Foundation is reconstructing 10 schools of different place of Nepal, which is completely destroyed by earthquake. 7SF is organizing fund rising event in various part of USA and other countries. All your contribution 100% will go to the school and health post rebuilding projects. You can volunteer and be a part of  these projects through 7 summits foundation. If you like to get involved, please contact us though email

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 Upcoming 10 schools projects and volunteering opportunities


Solsing Secondary School lies in the Ichok VDC of Sindupalchowk district of Nepal. Earthquake of 25th April, 2015 has devastated totally the structure of Solsing school. We are working on it to rebuild this school so student can continue their study. As Ichok VDC is remote village of Sindupalchowk district, we are taking as a sample project and we are collecting fund to help those remote student for their bright future.

1. What year this school build?
This school is established 18 years back that is at 1997 A.D.
2. Is this school build by government or, private?
This is a Community base school established by government of Nepal.
3.What is the cost or, materials to build this school?
Due to being a remote village of Sindupalchowk, the cost of construction material and labor cost is 2 time higher then district so the management have submitted us the cost estimate around NRS 55 lakh which is $55 thousand to rebuild the whole school.

4. How much money government will support to rebuild this school?
Nepal goverment is working on it to rebuild the school building but still the budget that is allocated to each school is only $15 hundred which is insufficient to reconstruct whole building. 7 summits foundation have already provided 5 Lakh 30 thousand Nepalese Rupees.
5. How much your community will come up to rebuild this school?
community will definately help to rebuild in various ways.
6. Who is the chairman or, representative for this school?
chairperson of School management committee is Bir Bahadur Tamang from village and  Coordinator is Mingmar Tamang


Member of 7SF have hand over NRS 530,000.00 to Mingma Tamang, Coordinator of School Management  Committee of Solsing, Echok-9, Sindupalchowk, Nepal. This money is for the reconstruction of Solsing School which is destroyed by Earthquake of 25th April, 2015.

sonshing fund handover




Solnasa Seondary High School, established in 1960 A.D. by the Nepal Government, is one of the oldest government schools in Nepal. The Solnasa Seondary school facilitates three VDC’s in the Solukhumbu District, including, Tapting, Gorakhani and Kerung. In Nepal, education is the foundation of life and a pathway to progress;that is why the 7 summits foundation supports the rebuilding of devastated schools for Tapting children. Within the past three years Solnasa secondary School was upgraded to support over 400 students. Now with over 400 students, many students are not equipped with adequate buildings and books to foster academic progress. Currently, the Nepal government provides necessary teacher trainings for the betterment of school, however, due to the remote location of Solnasa School, it is  increasingly hard to find suitable teachers. Compounded by the recent April earthquake which destroyed most of the school, students are now not are not able to continue their study. Though the help of 7 Summits Foundation’s funding to rebuild the class room, the school is starting to re-build, and has introduced 10 laptops, a Kindel, and a computer teacher. Currently, 7 summits foundation is organizing various fundraising events across the USA to raise money to reconstruct schools across the Solukhumbu district.
Your contribution is necessary to continue their study. Please donate today.

Total estimate cost of Solnasa School is 60 Lakh Nepalese Rupees is 60 thousand US Dollar.

Photo- 1. Temporary Class Room of Solnasa Secondary High School.

solnasa school of tapting

Photo-2. Fund rising event in New york on 18th July, 2015 by 7 Summits Foundation for Solnasa Secondary High School of Tapting.



Dikure lies in Tapting VDC of Solukhumbu District. Tapting is also known as a way to Everest, With Beautiful scenic beauty of Tapting Village one can view the Mt.Everest and many other high mountain too.
Dikure Primary School is established on 2048 B.S. by Nepal Government. Main objective of this school is to provide basic primary education to the children of Dikure Village.
After completing primary education one can go to Solnasa Secondary High School for forther education. This school is aslo completely destroyed by earthquake of 25th April, 2015.
Since then student are continuing their class room under the temporary class room made of tent which is provided 7 summits foundation.
School was constructed by local material like wood, mud, stone. 7 Summmits Foundation have done agreement to reconstruct the class room of this school and 10 percent of cost is going to bear by local people. According to the
school Management committee the total cost to rebuild school is 25 Lakh Nepalese Rupees is equal to 25 thousand US Dollar.

Photo-1. Dikure Primary School, temporary class room.

 dikure primary school

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