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Launch a earthquake documentary by 7 summits foundation.

May 6, 2015, Kathmandu.

As Seven Summit Foundation organized a charity documentary show for the reconstruction and reestablishment of Solsing School of Sindupalchowk, in Kathmandu at Tabale Restaurant at Naxal. The whole charity documentary show was for the fund raising of Solsing School of Sidupalchowk with cocktail dinner party. The docuShesh Ghalement was inaugurated by the President of NRN Shesh Ghale along the president of Foundation Mr.AC Sherpa.

The earthquake of 25th April, 2015 had destroyed the school completely so student were not able to continue their study. The documentary was 21 minutes long which is based on the unforgettable image and video of 25th April 2015, the day which is regarded as a black day in the history of Nepal, where many home are devastated, many life become homeless and many children lost their parent and many lost their life partner. While watching the documentary, everyone got so emotionally driven as it was so sad to see how houses fell, people died and got injured just within few seconds.

The fund collected from the tickets of documentary and the donations were all meant for the reconstruction of Solsing School. To completely rebuild Solsing school will cost $55,000USD. If you like to pledge through our website, please click on donation botton and help to chage quality of education for these kids! From this show 7 summits foundation is able to collect around 7 lakh donation for the reconstruction of solsing school. The fund collect by foundation going to handover to the management team of school in the presence of Journalist by the member of 7 summits foundation.

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