Documentary Show Sherpa Kyidug Hall

Documentary Show at Sherpa Kyidug Hall 41-01 75th St. Elmhurst, New York 11373 by 7 summits Foundation.

Documentary Show date : 18th July, 2015.

Earthquake of 25th April and 12th May, 2015 in Nepal hits so strongly that thousands of villages devastated and up to 90% of clinics and schools in some districts unusable. Nepal is seeking international donor and support to rebuild the devastated infrastructure like historic monument, school and health clinic.

7 summits foundation is organizing fund rising program at Sherpa Kyidug Hall 41-01 75th St. Elmhurst, New York 11373. Foundation will show a documentary which is base on the 25th April 2015, earthquake. The documentary once again remains the tragedy of 25th April. Collected Fund from this program will be utilized to rebuild the school and health-post which is completely destroyed by the earthquake.

Your small contribution can change the life of earthquake victim and change the future of small children.

July 18th 2015
Sherpa Kyidug Hall 41-01 75th St. Elmhurst
New York 11373

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