About Us

AC Sherpa is a man with a vision, a vision and a goal to help the lives of those living in third world nations. Using his notoriety of climbing the 7 highest mountains in 42 climbing days, AC created the 501c3, 7 Summits Foundation (7SF) to meet the needs of the people.

AC’s vision for the 7 Summits began after 7 successful years in working with the Himalayan Women and Childrens Foundation (HWCF) where they touched the lives of 1,000 people healthcare in Himalayas. Taking that experience in the private Non-Profit and seeing the need to make it public AC created the 7SF to take on the work of HWCF to the next level.


Executive Committee


7SF commitment is to

  • Build schools in remote areas, remodel old schools and much more – teacher training, books, build libraries, sports equipment and facilitate kids accessibility to achieve their education.
  • Build medical, dental, vision center and run clinics, train doctors and nurses, and ensure accessibility to these clinics for all.
  • Creating and educational environment that promotes good stewardship of the land and the environmental education to make complex choices in this rapidly changing world.
  • We are committed to using these tools to help prevent the trafficking of girls in the human slave trade. We also are committed to helping provide a future to those who have been victims of human trafficking. Everyone deserves a future.

Our strategy:

  • By working with the local populations we understand the territory and are able to make decisions based on local knowledge to create the most impact.
  • We believe in the people and back them – they know what their communities need – and everything we do involves local commitment.
  • Change does not happen overnight, it is a step by step process and we are in it for the long term. We are strategic about designing solutions for the present and the future.
  • We are fast and flexible: because of our involvement in local communities we do not have to wait for agency finding we have first had information and can respond quickly in situations where that is appropriate.

We invite you to be a part of it. Help you can trust.

Take the next step to become involved!

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